TRUE HOLINESS TEMPLE CHURCH OF GOD - 1262 W. Broad Street, Athens, GA 30606   Phone: (706) 552-0678
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Elder Daniel L. Hoggs, Pastor                         Elder Mark Hoggs, Asst. Pastor     

Here at TRUE HOLINESS TEMPLE CHURCH OF GOD, we are committed to serving God, and the needs of you and your family.  Using biblical principles of spirituality, we offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life.
Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, here at TRUE HOLINESS TEMPLE CHURCH OF GOD you will find a supportive community with a wealth of
opportunities for personal growth.
We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and joy in Jesus Christ - at every point in their life, and encourage personal and spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, and active services in our church and community.
We invite you to become a part of our congregation - allowing God into your life through our various programs and community outreach efforts.
Order of Services:
Sunday School - 10:00AM
Sunday Morning Worship - 11:00AM
Sunday Evening Worship - 7:00PM
Tuesday Night Prayer - 7:00PM
Friday Night Worship - 7:00PM

Mailing Address:                                                   Location Address:
PO Box 6344                                                       1262 W Broad Street
Athens, GA 30604                                                Athens, GA 30606
Holiness is Right
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